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remote car keyRemote starting systems are clever devices that are becoming more popular. They allow for a car to be started remotely, without the driver present, but with the doors remaining locked. The advantage is it can let the engine warm – and the car itself – before the driver has to begin the journey. The systems are generally operated by a key fob device, just like the locks.

If you have a new vehicle it will need to be altered so that the remote starting facility can be fitted; an auto electrician will need to fit the system so that it takes precedence to the ignition, but only until the car is driven. These devices can be fitted, expertly, without invalidating the warranty.
There are two different types of remote starters, the basic version and the two way method

A remote starting system uses radio wave technology, just like your key fob. Quite simply, you activate the remote start system by pressing the key fob, and the engine will start. This is the simplest sort of remote start system, and can be surprisingly affordable. They are also easy to fit, and they offer added security.

The advantage of the more advanced system is that it can be used to open the doors, start the engine, and much more. These systems feature a different sort of on/off function, provided by a transmitter rather than a key-fob activated device. They are little like small mobile phones, and can also incorporate a number of functions useful to the user.

Remote starting systems are also very secure, and offer some clever touches: the doors will not unlock unless they are asked to by the user, so nobody but you can get in when the engine is running, but if anyone manages to do so the system uses a detection measure in which it will shut down the engine on the activation of the brake, clutch or accelerator. This means that they are both a safety device and a preventative measure.

With security such an issue these days – cars are, after all, a major target for thieves – it is important that an alarm with remote start is advertised to the passer by. A thief is much less likely to target a car that has an alarm than one without, and statistics have proved this. Many more expensive cars are specifically targeted by thieves, and this means that even the most sophisticated of alarm systems may not be enough to deter one. However, there is much to be said for making sure that your protection is more than adequate, as a thief will be put off by the time taken to get into a car that has an impressive alarm.

When choosing your remote start system it is essential that you look for the best one for the budget you can afford, and that you also make sure it is expertly fitted in the right manner. You will also need to advise your insurer of the modification.

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