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 Car locking systems have come a long way in the past couple of decades, and unless you’ve got a really old car, chances are that you’ve got a central locking system that is powered by electronics. There are some base models of cars that don’t feature power locks, but these are now the exception rather than the rule.

 Some of us who have been driving for a long time remember that locking your car doors was a question of having to push the lock button on each and every door manually: opening a car could also be a pain in the neck because the doors for the back seats couldn’t be unlocked from the outside. Frighteningly, opening a locked car without a key was very easy; all it took was a coat hanger and some skills that could be learned in a few minutes. Unless you had a chain and padlock on your door (and some people did drill holes into their car door handles), your vehicle could easily be stolen or broken in to.

 As mentioned above, most cars have electronic central locking systems that can be controlled with a remote keyless device; a fob is used to open the door and another key is used for the ignition. When one lock is opened, the rest will also simultaneously open; when one is locked, the rest will also simultaneously lock.

 The first power lock systems that came onto the market were actually vacuum locks; no electronics were used at the time because they were too unreliable and expensive. However, as the technology got better and cheaper, the vacuum systems got replaced. The vacuum systems were very robust, and systems that came out in the early 1980’s are still working well; they just need some maintenance from time to time.

 If you’re having problems with your car locking systems or have lost your keys, call locksmith services immediately. If your locksmith cannot fix your system, he or she will be able to tell you where you can take your car to get serviced. When you call locksmith services, make sure you have written down the make, model, and year of your car so that your questions can be answered promptly.

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