Could Your Video Recording Catch A Criminal?

Vector video monitoring signWhether you want to protect your business or your home, a security camera has got several benefits and applications to help you keep you, your family and your property safe.

 There are several ways in which you can set up your security camera; for example, you can have a recording device attached to the camera – some people choose to use decoy cameras without any recording or monitoring – and you can also have your recorders monitored by either a security company, or in a business setting, by privately hired security personnel.

 Ultimately, security cameras serve several functions when used at home, or in a business; these functions include:

  •  The Deterrent Value

Knowing that they are being watched will make criminals think twice about breaking into your home or property, and will encourage them to seek out a softer and easier target.

 However, in order for your cameras to be effective in deterring potential criminals, they either have to be visible, or there should be clearly visible signage notifying trespassers that they are under surveillance.

  •  To Catch and Prosecute a Criminal

With your cameras linked to recorders you will always have video footage of the crime as it is being committed. If your footage is clear, it is sufficient proof for you to bring criminal charges against the thieves; it will also be easier for the police to arrest the criminals, and it will be admissible evidence in court making it easier for the judge and the jury to grant a guilty verdict.

  •  Everyone Feels Safer

While security cameras and recorders make criminals feel nervous, they make the employees, residents or customers feel safe.

  •  Monitoring and Intervention

In a business setting, if your security system is being monitored by a security guard, crimes can be prevented from happening; your security guard is able to monitor any suspicious behaviour and if needs be, he can also intercept thieves who are in the process of committing a crime. Rather than catching criminals, preventing crimes from happening is one of the great benefits of having a security system.

 What You Need To Know When You Buy A Security Camera

 If you want your security system to work effectively, you will have to determine the following before you set it up:

  • Who is your target or targets?
  • Where will you be recording – inside or outside?
  • Will your camera be hidden or visible?

 Once you have answered these questions, you will have to decide on the appropriate camera system.

 A security system is far too important for you to rush; it is best to discuss your needs and requirements with your local locksmith who will be able to give you the best advice for your area. Remember, each state and country has different laws relating to camera use and you need to be aware of these. Also your locksmith will be able to offer advice on the various makes, styles and effectiveness of the various systems and will help you find something to suit both your needs and your budget.

 Some Advice

 If you are planning to use your recordings to catch a criminal, then you will have to buy a system that will be able to pick up minute details, such licence plate numbers, faces and detailed movements (like someone stealing) and have the camera positioned in the best location to observe the criminals.

 With the correct security camera system for your needs, installed in the right place, with adequate recording and / or monitoring, you will be ready and equipped to catch any criminal.

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