Forgot my keys in the car

car keysIt’s very common to forget your keys in the car. While no one wants to admit that they did it, the thing is that it happens more often than you even realize. Don’t stress out about the fact that the keys are in your car. The important thing is to know how to react.
Depending on the year, make and model of your car, you may even be able to have the engine running and lock your keys in the car. If this happens, you need to react quickly so that your car doesn’t continue to run while you’re unable to get inside. Otherwise you will not only need help unlocking your car door – you will need gas and potentially a jump for your battery as well.

You can call a locksmith to come out and unlock the car door for you. An experienced locksmith can usually open your door within 5 minutes because of their experience and the tools that they have. Each type of car will require a different method to unlock the door. When you make the call to the locksmith, ensure you specify what you drive so they can tell you what is involved and if they can help.

Often, you lock your keys in your car when you’re on your way to work or trying to get home from work. This may not be the most convenient hours of the day or night. Finding a locksmith that has a 24/7 call service is going to be the most advantageous. You don’t want to wait until the next business day to get your keys out of your car.

Not every locksmith is open 24/7. Some of them have banker’s hours – closed at 5 p.m. during the week and closed on the weekends. If you’ve locked the keys in your car on a Saturday morning, waiting until Monday is absolutely not going to help you. This means that you have to find a locksmith that is willing to come out and help you regardless of what day of the week it is or what time of the day or night it is.

Your location may also matter. Every locksmith company has a general area in which they service. If you are outside of that area, they may charge you more for the service call. While it’s important for you to get the keys out of your car, you don’t necessarily want to pay any more than you have to. Take the time to call a few different companies and find out what it will cost you.

Call a locksmith and have them come out. They can get the keys out of your car to help you get back on your way.

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