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handyman repairing lock with drill

handyman repairing lock with drill Like all objects in the home, locks can pose problems when you least expect it. Your key may seem to stick or even break off if you put too much physical pressure. Sometimes, a lock will work perfectly but then give you problems once in a while and need repairs. If a lock is deteriorating for whatever reason, it will continue to do so unless you take measures to fix it. In just a few minutes, you can fix your lock with a few items and minimum equipment.

 Be Careful with Spray Oils

 If a key gets stuck in a lock and needs extraction, one way to loosen it up is to spray some sort of oil like WD-40 or sewing oil. It serves as lubricant and can help when a key is actually still broken off or stuck inside of a lock. However, if a lock continues to give you problems and you continue to spray oil to fix it each time, the lock risks getting even worse. Spray oils are naturally sticky. Dust, pollen, and small particles all are more liable to stick to oiled locks, which aggravate the problem. If you are using spray oil a lot, consider repairing the lock to avoid future problems.

 Purchase Powdered Graphite

 You can buy a small container of powdered graphite at any automotive retail shop or a home improvement store. It usually comes in a tube with a tip that you cut off to open. The container for it comes narrow enough that it can easily fit into a lock. Once you have the graphite open, insert it into the stuck lock and squeeze a few times. Do not go overboard with the graphite. The directions for repair are on the tube will indicate how much to use.

 After applying a few squirts, put a key in and turn it several times. Take it back out and apply one or two more squirts of the powdered graphite. Put the key back in and turn it several times. Take the key back out, but leave it in about a quarter of the way. With the key still slightly in the lock, proceed to apply some more powdered graphite to the latch. Since this area is the most exposed to the outside, it can be the most jagged and rough. When you fumble to put the key in the lock, it also wears down the latch. Graphite can clean that area up a bit and make the key go in easier. Put the key back in turn it several more times. Your problem should be resolved.

 If you find that you have not been able to repair your lock, consider getting a locksmith with a solid reputation to take a look at your situation. He or she will be able to fix more substantial repairs with specialized equipment. If you think that you are able to repair your lock yourself, try out powdered graphite to see if it can solve your problem. It costs less than a locksmith, so it is worth a try.

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