How can I get a key fob replacement?

Key fobs have evolved to become sophisticated, high-tech devices capable of turning alarms on and off, unlocking and opening car doors, and even starting vehicles remotely. These smart devices are incredibly convenient, and it’s easy to take them for granted–that is, until they become lost or damaged. Thus, a missing or broken key fob can be an incredibly frustrating experience and requires professional assistance. Fortunately, with help from a professional locksmith, getting a replacement key fob can be a relatively simple matter.
Getting in and out of one’s vehicle easily, being able to lock and unlock it, and being able to set and deactivate the alarm or panic button, all remotely, are wonderful conveniences. But these are things which a person could simply do without if necessary. However, the same cannot be said for those whose vehicles’ security system relies on the presence of the key fob to deactivate. For such vehicles, the loss of a key fob means the vehicle is absolutely inoperable until a replacement is acquired.

Most key fobs operate on a radio frequency specific to the vehicle they are manufactured for. Each individual fob is programmed to transmit a particular code that is unique to that fob and only works for the specific vehicle it is keyed to. Often this code will be some algorithmic permutation of the vehicle’s VIN number. This is why when you contact a locksmith for a replacement key fob, they will most likely ask for your vehicle’s VIN number, which can usually be located on the driver’s side of the dashboard in front of the steering wheel.

For those who aren’t professional locksmiths, finding a key fob replacement for some vehicles can be an incredibly difficult or even impossible task, as many car manufacturers use key fobs that are difficult to find replacements for since they may be out of production and unable to be ordered by the dealership. The older a vehicle gets, the more difficult it can be to find a key fob replacement, since the more likely it is that the fob for that make and model may no longer be in production. Experienced locksmiths will know where to go to find blank fobs that can be programmed for any vehicle, which is why it’s important to contact a professional locksmith whenever a replacement key fob is needed.

It’s easy to see how the services of a professional locksmith are indispensable for situations requiring a key fob replacement. Key fobs make life much more convenient for car owners, but can be an incredible inconvenience when they are broken or missing. This is why consumers needing a new key fob should contact a professional locksmith for a quote today.

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