How To Repair A Car Door Lock

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lock of carYou can repair a car door lock yourself.  It might take some time, but you can do it, and you can save a lot of money this way.  These instructions for how to repair a car door lock have been generalized to work with most cars so that you can get a clear idea of the steps you will need to take should you ever decide to repair a car door lock for real.  If you ever need a car door lock repaired, keep in mind that you really can do it yourself.

 First of all, you will want to wear gloves as you work through these steps to protect your hands.  Begin by removing the access panel covers.  You should be able to remove these plastic pieces rather easily.  If there are screw hole covers, then you will want to take those off at this time, as well.

 You will require a tool for panel removal as you will need to insert it beneath the switch control panel.  The switch control panel is the component that shields the area between and around the door lock and window controls from harm.  With some gently prying, this piece should come loose.

 Next, remove the electrical connector.  You will recognize this as a small box in the shape of a rectangle.  It will have wires coming out of it.

 For this step, you will need to have a socket wrench.  You will use it to take all the connecting screws out of the door at this point.  Carefully store the screws somewhere safe in the meantime.  You will need them later, and you don’t want to have to look for them.  You can now remove the door covering.

 You will see the plastic sheet that protects the inner components of the door.  Remove this sheet with care.

 Then, locate the hole that is on the left side of the door latch, and reach into it.  Your goal is to find the three rods and disconnect each one.  You will find one above this hole, the second above and to the left, and the third on the left side of the door latch.  You can then proceed to remove the entire door latch assembly by using your socket wrench to unscrew the three screws that are securing it in place.

 At this juncture, you can put the new assembly in place and connect its new rods in place of the old ones.  The rest of the process is only a matter of reassembling the door by reversing the steps that you followed to take it apart.  Once it is all back together, then you have completed repairing the car door lock.

 There are many steps to repairing a car door lock, but if you take then one at a time, then you can complete this repair all by yourself.  You may have to do it a couple times before you get good at it or are able to do it quickly, but with practice, you can become a pro at this simple repair.  But you don’t need to charge yourself as much as the real professionals would.

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