I Locked My Keys in My Car – What Can I Do?

car keysSome people will close a car door and immediately notice what they have done. They may say, “I locked my keys in my car,” just as the car door is slamming shut. Other people, however, may spend a full day at work, an hour buying groceries in the grocery store or something else before they realize what they have done. They may reach into their purse to find that their keys are missing, or they may realize their keys are not in their pocket just as they are ready to drive away. Whether you just locked your keys inside the car or you just realized what that you locked your keys in the car hours before, you may now want to know how to get keys out of a locked car. Until you get your keys out, you cannot drive your vehicle. A quick resolution is needed.

Your Options

You may initially wonder what items you have in your possession that could be used to pick a lock. However, picking a lock can damage the lock, and this is the last thing that you want to do. You may consider calling someone who has a spare key to aid you. In some cases, a spouse, a roommate or someone similar may have access to a spare key to your key. However, everyone has busy lives of their own, and it may not be ideal to bother them with your problem. In some cases, you may say, “I locked my keys in my car,” late at night or while that person is out of town, and calling them to bring you a spare key isn’t a possibility. When you want to know how to get keys out of a locked car, your best option may be to call a locksmith for assistance.

What a Locksmith Can Do

When you call a locksmith company that offers 24-hour emergency assistance, a professional locksmith can drive to your location and provide you with a fast and easy resolution to your issue. Such emergency services can be used during normal business hours, but you can also call for emergency services during the middle of the night, on weekends and more. These may be times when you would not want to bother someone else who may have a spare key to your car. The locksmith can quickly pop the lock open, and you can retrieve the keys that you have locked inside.

When you have locked your keys inside the car, one of the best things that you can do is call a locksmith company for aid. In many cases, a locksmith could arrive to assist you within a matter of minutes. With this in mind, this is a fast resolution to your dilemma.

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