I locked my keys in my car, what should I do?

locksmithIt is very frustrating when you find yourself locked out of your car. You may be in a hurry or in an unfamiliar location. If you find you have locked your keys inside your car and do not have a spare it is best to call a professional locksmith for help. They will get you back on the road in the least amount of time and most car insurance companies will reimburse you for their services. Professional locksmiths know how to get keys out of locked car quickly and without causing damage to your vehicle.

Most people do not know how to properly get keys out of locked cars. If you try wedging something between the door and the body of the car in order to make enough space to hit the unlock button with a stick you will damage your car. When you do this with improper tools you will chip your paint, break the seals around your doors causing road noise and you could also bend your car door permanently. Breaking the glass in one of your windows to get into your car is dangerous and usually more costly to repair than calling a professional locksmith. Insurance companies will not pay to repair or replace anything that you damage trying to get your keys on your own.

Most professional locksmiths have dedicated quick response teams who can come to your location fast and help you get your keys. If you are in an unfamiliar or dangerous area you should go to a safe, well lit place while waiting for the locksmith to arrive. Do not wait by your car if you feel you could be in danger. It is a good idea to keep a number of a trusted locksmith in your cell phone in case you need them. They know how to get keys out of locked car without causing damage. Most insurance companies now reimburse their members for locksmith services. Check with your insurance company to see if locksmith services are covered under your policy.

When you find yourself locked out of your vehicle with the keys inside, call a professional locksmith for help. They will save you time, frustration and the cost may be fully covered by your insurance. Trying to get your keys out on your own will cause costly damage to your car and will usually take more time than having a professional come to you. Talk with people you know to find the name of a good locksmith and keep their information in your cell phone in case you need help. You can also research locksmiths in your area online.

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