Ignition key replacement

How Can One Get an Ignition Key Replacement?

The ignition key is one of the most overlooked, yet most essential parts of a car’s functionality. Small and seemingly insignificant, it is nonetheless a critical part of a vehicle; without it, the vehicle will not start. A number of factors can necessitate the procurement of a new ignition key; loss, damage, normal wear and tear, and even electronic problems can all cause a situation to arise where a consumer will need to contact a professional locksmith to request a quote on getting an ignition key replacement.

When an ignition key becomes lost or damaged to the point where it will no longer turn the ignition cylinder, it must be replaced. A professional locksmith has a number of ways to do this. The locksmith can sometimes re-key the cylinder to a new key pattern and sell the customer the new key. Additionally, with some makes and models of vehicle, locksmiths can determine the original key pattern from either the vehicle’s VIN number or a code inscribed on the ignition cylinder itself. Then, it’s a simple process of cutting a new key to the pattern specified. In the event of a damaged ignition key, depending on the extent of the damage, your locksmith may be able to find out the key pattern by examining the original key, so whenever possible, it’s a good idea to hang on to the original when looking for an ignition key replacement. Contact your locksmith to find out more.

Some “smart” ignition keys have electronic circuitry in them that works with a vehicle’s security system in such a way that the circuitry inside the key is required in order to make the vehicle start. Cutting a new physical key, alone, will not be sufficient with vehicles such as these. These keys can be problematic for consumers because in addition to becoming lost or damaged the same as regular ignition keys, “smart” keys are also susceptible to issues with their internal circuitry, including battery failure. Fortunately, in the event of battery failure, many times a locksmith may be able to simply replace the internal coin-cell battery, saving the consumer money over a replacement. This is why it is even more important for smart-key owners to retain the original key, if possible, when contacting their locksmith for an ignition key replacement.

Having one’s ignition key replaced is not always a user-friendly endeavor, but with assistance from an experienced locksmith it can be fairly straightforward most of the time. A number of factors can affect the cost and difficulty in replacing one’s ignition key. Whether a key has become lost or damaged, contacting your locksmith for a quote on getting it replaced is certainly the best course of action.

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