Keyless Door Locks: What Will Work Best for You?

keyless door If you’re a person who is always losing the house keys or is worried that a copy of the house keys might end up in the wrong hands, you’ll probably want to invest in exterior door locks that are keyless.  There are two main types of keyless door locks that have proven to be reliable and simple to use:  mechanical digital door locks and electronic digital door locks.

 Mechanical door locks are the least expensive of the bunch; some can cost as little as $20.  The access code is programmed into the lock before installation, and then the code can be shared with other residents in the house.  The downside to a mechanical door lock is that there is only one code; if the wrong people get a hold of the code, the lock will need to be removed from the door in order to be reprogrammed.  Reprogramming will take an experienced locksmith or very good amateur at least twenty minutes.  Therefore, if you have a home where a lot of tradespeople, babysitters or others will need access, you may not want a mechanical digital lock.

 Electronic keyless door locks are a better idea if you want to have more control over who enters your home or business.   With most keypad electronic locks, there can be several access codes, and some locks even offer single-use, one-time codes so there is no risk of a visitor coming back later and burglarizing the premises.  Codes can instantly be programmed or erased right there at the door, giving you a very high level of security.  There are even keyless door locks that can be operated with a smartphone and integrated with your home’s existing security systems.

 Click here for more information about keyless door locks; you may find that there are some great brands that will work especially well for your home or business.  Click here to find a locksmith near you who will be able to recommend good brands and who will also be able to professionally install your new locks.

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