Lost Car Keys

Rest assured locksmiths are a great comfort to those who have asked, “I’ve lost my car keys can you help?” In as little time as ten minutes for a standard key duplicate a locksmith can hand you a duplicate key. Car keys made for remote entry may require a longer wait to be replaced, but are worth the wait. The alternative is to locate a car dealership where a new remote can be ordered with a new frequency set for the car.
Many people wonder if, “When they have lost car keys if they should get their car locks re-keyed?” In most causes the answer would be no, because of the potential of finding the lost keys inside the car on the floorboards, or still yet, somewhere in the vicinity where you last had possession of your keys. In some cases, re-keying locks would also include the recommendation of re-keying the ignition lock. This scenario is mostly followed through if the car keys were actually stolen, or thought to have been stolen.

What is more disheartening than to not being able to find your lost car keys?; losing the anti-theft keys along with them. The reality is that calling the anti-theft device company and contact their key department is not the best option. These companies do not have master keys on file to anti-theft devices, simply for security reasons. This includes keys for anti-theft devices for trucks and SUV owners.

It is importance to call and have a certified locksmith remove the anti-theft device to guard against the potential for personal injury, or costly repairs to your car. Any attempts to remove the anti-theft device yourself may also void the warranty of the device and any or all further service agreements between you and the anti-theft device company. Fortunately, advanced technology in cars and their locking mechanisms have improved on the tools and options a locksmith has at their disposal for keying a duplicate key for your car.

Regardless of the locksmith methods used to help secure your place behind the wheel of your car again, knowing there is a reliable locksmith in your area gives you an added sense of security and peace of mind. Most locksmiths and dealers suggest keeping a spare car key in your wallet or purse, or hide a spare car key inside a magnetic key holder inconspicuously on the car.

Locksmiths are generally on call twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. They are friendly and knowledgeable about the make and models of cars, and can make quick work of keying or duplicating a lost car key. They do know just what to do when asked, “I have lost my car keys, can you help?”

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