What Should I Do If I’m Locked out of My Car?

lost my keysWell, you’ve finally finished work for the day, and you can’t wait to get home, put up your feet and just relax. The moment that you arrive at the car, you go to take out your keys and suddenly realize that they aren’t there. Now you’re locked out of your car. Your perfect evening has suddenly turned to nothing. What are the next logical steps here?

First, you want to try to locate your keys. That’s clearly the easiest way to get back into your car. However, it’s also important because you want to make sure that no one with malicious intentions picked them up. If someone knows they are your car keys, that individual can easily steal your car. When other keys, such as your house key, are also on the ring, the person now has even more access to your life.

In the event that you cannot find your keys, you’ll need to call up a locksmith or an automobile help service, if it’s after hours, to get you into your car. Be sure to have proof ready that the car does belong to you. If there is a locksmith nearby though or if someone can drive you to the locksmith, you can go there to see if another key can be made for your car. Eventually, you are going to have to purchase another key anyway, so why delay the process?

No matter how you get into your car or if you have a spare set of keys at home, you need to visit the locksmith. Do you remember how we said that whoever picks up your keys now has access to a number of components of your life? Think about all of the keys that were on the ring, and have the locksmith change the locks for every single one of them. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the safety of your and your family.

You should also have the locksmith make a spare key for your car. Even if you had an extra one at home, one key is simply not enough. What happens if you lose that one? It’s always important to have a backup when it comes to something as valuable and necessary as your car. Meet with the local locksmith to ensure that you are working with someone whom you trust. Be sure to check for a “Do Not Copy” sign on any work keys. If that appears, you’ll need to speak with your company about having an extra set made. Whatever you do, make sure you have your locksmith on speed dial for these tough times when you get locked out of your car.

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