What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in Your Car

locked carIf you’ve ever uttered the words, “I locked my keys in my car!” then you know that awful feeling that accompanies the phrase. Perhaps you discovered your mistake well after all of your coworkers had left for the evening, in the middle of a crowded mall parking lot with a crying baby in tow or as you and a group of friends departed from a rock-and-roll concert. Whatever the situation, the feelings that usually erupt when you realize you’ve made such a silly mistake are feelings of regret and “How could I have been so stupid?”
Before you beat yourself up too much about it, keep in mind that most adults have done it themselves at least once. Some people learn their lesson after only the first time, others have a steeper learning curve and do it a few times before they learn to check carefully before locking those doors. Part of the problem is often the type of vehicle you have. You know that cars I’m talking about: the ones that think they are smarter than you are. You put the car in “Park,” open the doors and they immediately lock or the moment you shut all of the doors the locks engage. These features can be both a Godsend and a curse.

A good habit to get into to avoid locking the keys inside the car is to always pull the keys out of the ignition immediately upon parking the car. Ladies, throw them in your pocket or purse. Men, stash them in your pocket or wallet. Take care of the keys before you get busy grabbing your gear, packing up the kids or organizing the items in your briefcase. This will ensure that you will have fewer, if any mishaps.

What do you do when all systems have failed and you find yourself saying, “I locked my keys in my car again!” Your best option is to call a locksmith service. It’s what they do on a regular basis, so they have all the necessary equipment to get you into your car fast. Most locksmith services are able to get to you in as little as a few minutes. Depending on where you are, you might have to wait up to 30 minutes. Once the locksmith service gets to you, they will have you back into your car in minutes. It’s truly that easy. So if you are prone to locking those keys away, you might consider having your local locksmith service on speed dial.

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